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Haniken Jewelers NYCHaniken Jewelers, creators of fine jewelry, established since 1985 at 66 west 47 th street, in the heart of New York’s famous diamond district. George Haniken, the founder, started Haniken Jewelers with the vision of providing customers with high quality products at the best price possible.

George’s children, Emely, Sonya and Michael, visibly inherited his passion for Jewelry, and soon chose to join their father at Haniken; they have been making custom-made fine jewelry for over two decades, which they consider one area of expertise.

In addition Michael, who is a GIA graduate diamond gemologist, hand-selects every diamond they offer at the showroom, which include GIA and EGL certified diamonds, to ensure that you always get the best value.

Ever since 1985, the family business is focusing on providing the best possible customer service: at all times our team is looking forward to helping you, our valued customer, to find the right gifts, engagement ring, or simply a treat for yourself.

The passion for their profession throughout the last 23 years lead the Hanikens to become one of the most recognized Jewelers within the Industry; their business was recognized by Rapaport, the Industries most significant magazine. Sharing their success came natural; for many years the Hanikens support various charity events and make donations to organizations that help the ones in need.

George, Emely, Sonya, Michael & Company would like to thank you for your loyalty, since it is you, your friends and families, who are allowing the Hanikens to do what they love, which is creating gorgeous fine Jewelry, and helping you to find THAT” right piece that will put a smile on your face.
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