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With the toughness and virtual scratch resistance of tungsten rings Tungsten Carbide bands are becoming a great alternative to a classic wedding band today! Tungsten is the only rare and exotic metal that can be permanently polished. Many people also enjoy the heavy weight of a tungsten ring.


Tungsten wedding rings are known for their toughness. Tungsten rings are permanently polished, and will virtually always look brand new. Tungsten rings are virtually scratch-resistant, and can only be scratched under extreme measures, such as with diamond composite. It is the most durable alloy available in the jewelry market, and best of all it is offered at a price that is incredibly affordable.

Tungsten rings traditionally come in black and grey colors.


Tungsten rings don’t have a resale value as gold or platinum. So if you are planning to upgrade or resell your wedding band in the future consider getting gold or platinum band.

Because of the extreme hardness and durability of tungsten, tungsten wedding bands cannot be sized like gold, silver or platinum rings, so please take extra care in determining the proper size.
When Tungsten rings first entered the jewelry market, an initial concern for potential customers was that in an emergency, removal of a Tungsten ring would not be possible because of its extreme hardness. Rest assured, virtually all jewelry shops and emergency rooms are equipped to handle such a situation. As we mentioned earlier, even though Tungsten is extremely hard, it is a bit more brittle than other metals. If you dropped it at just the right angle it could potentially shatter. Tungsten rings can be removed withvice grip pliers. By clamping down on the Tungsten ring in multiple locations, the ring will eventually crack into multiple pieces and is safely removed from the wearers’ finger. Also, engraving a tungsten wedding band is possible but it is very faint and difficult to read.


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