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Titanium is extremely durable, hypoallergenic and lightweight. It is a great choice for individuals who prefer a much lighter material. Titanium is a light, grayish color metal that holds up like steel, but feels like aluminum.


As a material titanium is very light and extremely durable although it is not indestructible. In particular, titanium is used in a number of industries including the military, aerospace and sporting goods. As a result, titanium jewelry is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching.

Usually titanium bands come in grey and black colors. However one of the wonderful qualities of titanium is that it takes color well and a titanium band contrasted with color is absolutely striking. Choosing a color for a titanium ring can be fun so if you choose to go with titanium band be creative and choose a ring to remember.


Titanium rings are very affordable almost half the price of a regular gold band. However if you are looking to upgrade or resell your titanium ring in the future it won’t keep it’s value.

One of the best characteristics of a titanium band is that it doesn’t require maintaining. It is very hard to scratch a titanium ring and since it’s highly corrosion resistant therefore it does not tarnish easily.


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