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Over the years Palladium has become extremely popular for many reasons. It is in the Platinum family of metals and is know for shine and durability with a lower cost. Until approximately the year 2001 the metal price was actually higher and when it decreased so did the popularity.


Palladium is a silvery white metal, and unlike white gold or platinum, does not need rhodium plating to keep its luster. Palladium is also an excellent metal choice for customers with allergies to the nickel commonly used to alloy gold. It is also about half the weight of platinum and has an even brighter shine naturally. This can be useful in manufacturing earrings and many other pieces of jewelry that contain large diamonds and gemstones. The metal is absolutely ideal for wedding bands that are worn everyday and will keep the silvery/white luster since that is the color of the metal.

Palladium Purity
Palladium is a rare and pure metal. It is not man made as many might believe. Similar to platinum, palladium is used as an alloy of 95% purity or 950. Like silver, palladium is often mixed with gold to create white gold. Because of its high level of purity, palladium is hypo-allergenic.

Palladium Durability and Versatility
Palladium is harder than white gold making it more durable and less likely to mar. Durability is an issue particularly when it comes to mountings. If a center stone is set using mountings made with a softer metal, the likelihood that one of the prongs could fail and the stone could fall out is higher. Often jewelers will use a harder metal in a ring setting to combat this but with palladium the entire jewelry piece can be made with the same metal. Palladium can be also cast into delicate and intricate jewelry designs allowing craftsmen to fashion ornate embellishments, detailed decorations and exceptional diamond or gemstone settings.

Palladium Color
Palladium has a lustrous silver-white color which makes it an attractive choice for fine diamond jewelry. Palladium does not need to be plated in rhodium or other alloys that said making wedding bands with palladium can be a great choice for those who don’t want to have their jewelry to stay bright and in good condition.

Palladium Value

Palladium offers nearly all of the brilliant attributes that platinum offers but is more affordable. Because of this reasonable price, palladium has grown in popularity and more and more gemstones and designs can be found using this precious metal.

Palladium Care
To ensure palladium retains its shine and luster, be sure to keep it clean and in a safe place. To clean palladium jewelry, simply use a commercial jewelry cleaner that is safe for palladium or wash the piece in warm, soapy water. Be sure to rinse off all soap residue and dry completely before wearing or storing. Palladium jewelry can also be taken to a jeweler for polishing and/or cleaning.


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