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Jewelry Care

Preserving and protecting your diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry is the key to your fine jewelry lasting shine and luster. Each type of fine jewelry has its own individual guidelines of care according to its metal and gemstone composition.

Diamond Care

Diamond is the hardest, most durable gemstone found in nature. A diamond can’t be scratched or melted.

Nevertheless diamonds should still be treated gently. Avoid banging your diamond jewelry or engagement ring against a hard surface, which can result in the stone chipping or coming loose from its setting. To maintain the stone’s brilliance, you can use a mixture of warm water and a mild jewelry cleanser. To make your own safe and effective solution, mix one part ammonia with six parts of water, then submerge your diamond jewelry in the liquid for 10-20 minutes. A soft-bristled brush can be used, but avoid making contact with the setting of your diamond, as the metal can become scratched. It is not advisable to place diamond jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner, as this may cause the stones to loosen.

We recommend that you take your diamond pieces to a professional jeweler at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning and inspection.

When you’re not wearing your diamond jewelry, store it in a separate cloth pouch or lined case to keep it from coming into contact with other fine jewelry and to eliminate dust and surface residue.

Gold Care
Gold jewelry and solid gold will never rust however it will accumulate smudges and dirt. To help maintain your gold jewelry’s radiant shine, we recommend cleaning it periodically with a mixture of gentle detergent and warm water. Don’t wear your gold jewelry when applying harsh soaps, lotions, or using chlorine.

Pick a brush with soft bristles to avoid scratching. You can also polish your jewelry using a dry, soft cloth, such as the one included with every order shipment from Haniken Jewelers.

Proper storage is another key to preserving your gold’s beauty. When you’re not wearing it, store each piece in a separate plastic bag or cloth pouch to reduce the occurrence of oxidation and to prevent the gold from getting scratched by other pieces. Twice a year, we recommend that you take your gold pieces to a professional jeweler for an expert inspection and cleaning to keep your gold looking lustrous for years to come.

Platinum Care
Platinum is most precious and most rare metal used in fine jewelry. Clean your platinum rings carefully to maintain its shine and luster. Use jewelry cleaner to soak your platinum jewelry whenever it gets dull or dirty. Never use harsh chemicals or soaps on your platinum rings. Wipe only with a soft and dry cloth.

It’s a good idea to take your platinum pieces to an expert jeweler twice a year to have them thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Gemstone Care
All gemstones should be treated with care. If your ruby, sapphire, emerald or other precious stone starts to look dull or dirty use a soft dry cloth to polish its surface.

From time to time do soak your gemstone in a mixture of gentle detergent and warm water and then use a soft brush to clean away dirt, try avoiding the metal setting to prevent scratching. Dry with a soft cloth.

We do not recommend using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when it comes to your gemstone jewelry, harsh chemicals can be harmful for sensitive stones.

Many types of gemstones are extremely resilient and resistant to scratching, but they can still become loosened or chipped when banged against hard surfaces. Avoid wearing your fine gemstones in potentially destructive situations, and store them securely in an individual pouch or bag when you’ve removed them.

Pearl Care
Pearls are soft and sensitive gemstones that should be treated with extra care. Avoid using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, as the harsh chemicals can compromise the quality of the porous stone. Instead, clean your pearls by hand using gentle detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth.

Pearls are the most radiant when they’re being worn, as the natural oils of your skin serve to enhance their natural luster. Avoid exposure to hairspray, powder cosmetics, and perfumes, as these can contain chemicals that can damage the pearls. Store them in a separate soft cloth pouch or sealable plastic bag to prevent surface damage.


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