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Gold has been prized above all other precious metals for hundreds of years. Man has been using gold to fashion jewelry mainly due to its versatility and striking appearance. In its pure form, gold is rather soft, and is therefore alloyed with silver, copper, nickel or zinc to increase its sturdiness and strength.

Gold Purity

Pure gold or fine gold is quite soft and can scratch rather easily. It is for this reason that it is not often used in jewelry today. Instead, pure gold is commonly alloyed with other metals to produce a stronger, more durable metal. Gold is most often alloyed with silver, zinc, copper, and nickel. The alloying process also allows jewelers to create special gold colors like white gold, rose gold (or pink gold), and green gold. Nickel or palladium is added to gold to create white gold; copper is added to produce rose gold; silver is added to create green gold. Nowadays 14k and 18k gold is used the most. Very rare you will find jewelry made of 10k gold, 22k gold or 24k.

Gold Durability and Versatility
To insure that your jewelry stays as beautiful as the day you bought it, it is important to pay attention to the karat weight of your piece. Haniken Jewelers does not use 24 karat gold for jewelry due to it’s softness.
14 karat gold is very popular in the United States because it combines the beauty of gold with a high level of durability. Because 14 karat gold mixes 14 parts gold with 10 parts of an alloy metal, you have less worry about the damage that can occur with purer gold.
Higher karat value items, such as 18 or 22 karats, may need more polishing than a 14-karat item to retain a high level of shine. These higher karat offerings can bend as well if they are put under too much pressure. To offer more piece of mind for an item like a wedding ring, which encounters a good deal of wear and tear on a daily basis, 14 karat gold is often preferred.

Gold Color

White Gold
White gold jewelry is the perfect alternative for those who want the luxury of gold with a cool silvery tone. If you find the cost of platinum too expensive, white gold gives you the same look for much less per ounce.
White gold jewelry is often coated with rhodium for lasting brightness. 14K white gold is very popular and less expensive than 18K white gold. If you just love owning a heavier jewelry but still not up for platinum then go with our 18-karat white gold. It is 75% pure gold and also treated with rhodium for a bright look. Additionally, 18K white gold jewelry offers more gold, making it a bit heavier and more valuable.

White Gold Benefits
• The cool tone works with any diamond or gem color
• Mixes and contrasts with rose gold, sterling and platinum
• The same look as silver but won't tarnish
• Harder and more scratch-resistant than silver
• Less expensive than platinum

Yellow Gold
Chances are, if you love classic looks, then you love yellow gold jewelry. Rich and warm, it can be either 14-karat yellow gold or 18-karat yellow gold. 14K yellow gold jewelry is strong and costs less than 18K yellow gold jewelry. 14-karat gold is mixed with different alloys and is of 58.3% purity. However, our 18-karat yellow gold jewelry is 75% pure gold, giving you a heavier, more luxurious feel when you wear it. An 18K yellow gold ring is more expensive than a 14K yellow gold ring, but you get more gold, which is great for investing.

Yellow Gold Benefits
• The warm tone of yellow gold is classic and sumptuous
• Yellow gold looks great with white gold, silver, and platinum
• Yellow gold will always be popular and maintain value
• Yellow gold doesn't tarnish

Rose Gold
Lovely rose gold jewelry gives everything you wear a touch of romance. Gemstones like blue topaz, citrine, fire opal, garnet, and green amethyst set in rose gold have an alluring glow. Tanzanite, aquamarine, pearl, and diamond also look equally gorgeous in this beautiful, rosy metal. You can wear rose gold jewelry with your pieces in white and yellow gold without having to worry about the metals clashing.
Rose gold jewelry is also known as pink gold or red gold. At the start of the nineteenth century, this alloy was known as Russian gold. Recently, celebrities have been spotted wearing rose gold jewelry. LeAnn Rimes wears an engagement ring that has rose gold accents adding romance to her glamorous five-carat, oval diamond.

14-karat rose gold jewelry is the most popular choice for this pretty gold alloy. Haniken Jewelers hand-craft rose gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in 58.5% pure gold with copper added for color. Its rosy glow flatters skin tones. You can also choose 18-karat rose gold jewelry if you prefer a purer blend of gold. At 75% pure gold, this premium alloy is preferred over 14K rose gold in Europe. If you care mostly about the color of your rose gold necklaces and other pieces, 14K rose gold has a deeper pink color due to a higher percentage of copper in the alloy.

Rose Gold Benefits
• The warm color is flattering to the skin
• Tone blends well with many gem colors
• Gold has lasting value and significance
• Adds a fashionable touch to any design
• Lovely contrast with white gold, platinum, or sterling

Gold Value
White gold offers nearly all of the brilliant attributes that platinum and palladium offers but is more affordable. Because of this reasonable price, gold has been always popular in US and Europe.

Gold Care
One of the most frequently asked questions is how to clean white gold. When white gold is sold, it is always rhodium plated. Rhodium is a hard, durable, silvery-white metal that can be polished to a high shine. This gives white gold, which is actually a very pale yellow, a very white look in the showcase and on your finger. This white look will last varying amounts of time depending on wear and tear. On earrings it can last a lifetime. On rings the rhodium will start wearing off where there is a lot of friction. The easiest and least expensive solution is to have your jewelry re-rhodiumed. You can usually do this at your local jeweler for a small fee or you can send your jewelry to us.


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