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Emerald Education

Emeralds of large sizes are both rare and expensive, particularly when of Columbian origin. However, smaller Emeralds, or stones originating elsewhere, whilst still expensive when compared to many other gemstones, are generally readily available. Supply currently meets demand.

Emerald Color
Unlike most of the other colored stones, the price of emerald gemstone mostly depend on its color, followed by the clarity, size and cut of the gem. Emerald color has always been the standard for grading all the other green-colored gems. Bluish green to green is the most desirable color in emeralds. Presence of yellow or too much of blue can bring down the price of the stone very much. The color should be evenly distributed throughout the stone, with no eye-visible zoning. Also, as the thumb rule, transparent stones are more expensive than included ones.

Emerald Clarity
Emerald tends to have numerous inclusions and surface breaking fissures. Unlike diamond, where the loupe standard, i.e. 10X magnification, is used to grade clarity, emerald is graded by eye. Thus, if an emerald has no visible inclusions to the eye (assuming normal visual acuity) it is considered flawless.

Emerald Treatments
The most common treatment carried out on emeralds to enhance the stone is oiling. Many fillers are also used along with the oil. The natural emerald crystal is soaked in colored as well as colorless oil or resins for a particular amount of time. Many a times the oil may be heated, so that it seeps well in the fractures of the gems. This helps to fill in emerald factures to make it look like a less included gem and enhance its color.

Emerald Jewelry Care

Although emerald is a very hard gem, emerald rings shouldn't be worn when working with your hands or exercising vigorously. Avoid cleaning emerald with hot soapy water or steam and never clean an emerald in an ultrasonic cleaner. Clean emerald with mild dish soap: use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust can collect.


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