Packaging & Gift Orders

Every diamond and fine jewelry product purchased from Haniken Jewelers arrives at your door in our elegant packaging. Inside our Haniken Jewelers Presentation Box, you will find a detailed Gemological Appraisal certified by our Master Gemologist, your receipt, appraisal, and certificate (if applicable), and our soft jewelry care cloth as a free gift to you.
Diamond & Diamond Jewelry Packaging
Certified loose diamonds and diamond jewelry products are safely enclosed in a dramatic chocolate leather box with a plush interior. Loose diamonds are delivered to you secured in a tension ring to ensure a safe delivery. The tension ring is for display purposes only and should not be worn.
Fine Jewelry Packaging
Fine jewelry purchases are presented to you in our signature leather gift boxes.
Ship to Recipient
You might want to have a gift shipped directly to the recipient. In such cases, simply contact your credit card or bank institution to add the alternative shipping address to your account.
Free Shipping
Haniken Jewelers offers complementary express shipping on every order. Each shipment is securely packaged, fully insured, and shipped using only the most reputable and reliable courier services. To protect the security of your shipment, we require an adult signature at the time of delivery.

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